January 9, 2015:
Hilgemann @ MANA

We are happy to share with you, that after a very successful exhibition year, the hilgemann shows in NYC have led to an invitation from Mana Contemporary, to show his work in Jersey City. opening january 11 more info

November 16, 2014:
Interview with the artist by Katherine Hahn

Some artists truly are born and not made. (...) read article

October 9, 2014:
William Hollman Gallery - an Afterimage of Park Avenue

(...) These implosions are made by internal pressure created when air is vacuumed out of the original steel cubes - collapsing the steel into lyrical, dancing shapes. (...) more info

August 15, 2014:
Car free Saturdays at Park Avenue

6sqft reports (...) New Yorkers are invited to stroll (or bike) up and down Park Avenue, which will not only be closed to moving traffic, but jam packed with countless activities (...) read article

August 7, 2014:
Interview with the artist

Architects and Artisans published an interview with Ewerdt Hilgemann (...) I chose tall pieces relating to the high-rise buildings, standing up to the challenge of scale. (...) read article

August 2, 2014:
German Radio Station WDR3 broadcast

A Mosaik report by Sacha Verna, German spoken.

August 1, 2014:
Architectural Digest reports

Michael Slenske - writing for architectural digest - (...) In addition to totally cubic forms, Hilgemann has created Cube Flower, a disarticulated floral study of the shape, in front of the Seagram Building (...) read article

July 30, 2014:
Arrival at Park Avenue mall

Michelle Young - writing for untapped cities - reports first photos of the sculptures arriving at their destination. read article

July 1, 2014:
Ewerdt Hilgemann Sculptures Coming to Park Avenue

Benjamin Sutton - writing for artnet - announces Moments in a Stream. read article

May 29, 2014:
Preparing for New York

Ewerdt Hilgemann has been invited by the Park Avenue Sculpture Committee to exhibit his work on the median along Park Avenue in New York City for a period of three months, starting August 2014.

This prestigious location has seen many famous artists preceding his performance, e.g. Fernando Botero, Bernar Venet, Keith Haring, Niki de St.Phalle and many others.

Hilgemann designed works for seven locations between 52nd Street (the Seagram Building) and 67th Street (Park Avenue Armory), all made of stainless steel in different configurations, single pieces as well as groups of two or more.

A Project Booklet is available at www.blurb.com and the number of youtube movies is steadily growing.

Ewerdt Hilgemann (1938) was born in Witten, Germany and moved to Gorinchem, the Netherlands in 1970. He started his career with wall pieces made out of wood, related to the Zero movement, but over time developed into a conceptual artist using stone and metal for his sculptures.

Since 1984 he lives and works in Amsterdam. Here he developed a special vacuum process, with which he removes the air from the interior of geometrical shapes made out of stainless steel designed by him, causing the material to deform according to natural, physical laws. This way, his work gained a less formal and more expressive quality. The resulting forms can be best described as 'Implosion Sculptures'. For New York Hilgemann is using this technique.

March 7, 2014:
Project booklet update

The new version of the Project Book for 7 Sculptures by Ewerdt Hilgemann on Park Avenue in New York City is now available through Blurb.com click here for details